Saturday, May 28, 2011

Montana: One Long Day - Lion City (attempt)

Earlier in the day I had learned that the route back to Lion City was still closed due to snow. My curiosity got the better the of me and I decided to continue on back to see how far I could get. A little ways past Glendale the road turns to a primitive road and starts to ascend up into the forest of the Pioneer Mountains. Route finding is not overally difficult and can be done in a vehicle with high ground clearance.

As I headed on the down the trail I was keeping in mind any open spaces where if I had to turn around I could. About 3/4's of the way back I ran into the first little bit of snow covering the trail but soon after I had too stop as the snow now covered the road that laid ahead.

After some thought I made the decision how ever stupid it may have been to continue on by foot seeing that I had only a little ways to go. Keeping to the sides of the trail along the tree line I made my way back along the trail.

Along the way I came across debris from an old structure that now laid littered along the hill side. After some exploring I continued on back a little further. However, the route became un-passable to those retarded enough like myself to continue on without the use of snowshoes or ski's. I thought to myself “I should've planned this a little better like the individual ahead of me who was wise enough to bring skies with him” (his tracks were still fresh and his vehicle was just down the way from where I parked).

I'm not sure what site this was – Hecla ??

Further down from the debris

End of the trail for me. Lion City will have to wait for another day.

I made short work of the trail back to my vehicle to change into a dry pair of socks and pants. To head back out towards home.

Heading back out

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