Saturday, August 2, 2014

Utah - Smith Creek Lakes

Not much of a trip report, just getting out to enjoy the outdoors.

Since I'm only home once a month currently and my 4runner has either been in the body shop or garaged it really hasn't see a good dirt road/trail in a while. So I made a little trip this morning up Farmington Canyon and headed back to FS 84 and the Smith Creek Lakes/Mud Holes.

Photo's from out on FS 84.

Up behind the stations on the way to Smithfield Ponds.

Smith Creek Lake 1

Smith Creek Lake 2

I didn't make the drive back to the third pond, just didn't feel like it.

The switchbacks down to the ponds.

Overall, it was a great little drive I think a few areas have become a little more eroded since I was last here about 2 years ago when I had my green 4runner. Lots of folks on ATV's and RZR's. Saw only one other vehicle on the trail and that was a Jeep coming back up from the ponds.