Saturday, November 19, 2011

Death of a 4runner

Just outside of Little America, Wyoming during the move to Colorado Springs to start work on a construction project for the company that I work for I lost control of my 4runner on the snow/ice covered road after reentering the interstate.

I slip off into the median and right before coming up the opposite side my front right wheel caught something and over I went. The roll wasn't a complete rotation but pretty close.

The first thought that came to my mind was to turn the engine off. Which took me a minute since I had to remember to take it out of drive before it would let me turn it off. I remember standing up looking out the passenger window and laughing as people came to see if I was okay. I know that my brother was scared since he was behind me in the Uhaul.

The second and third thought that came to my mind was "I now know what clothes feel like in a dryer" and "I'm glad I was wearing my seat belt". I walked away from this without a stratch. It took a couple of hours for a tow truck and a HP to reach us due to about 8 other accidents during the sametime period or right around it.

After the two truck got my car pulled back over and moved to a safe location we pull all of my stuff out of the 4runner and into the Uhaul to continue on our way while the 4runner was towed to a yard somewhere in Green River to wait to be towed back to Utah for the insurance company to look at it.


The 4runner was sold at an insurance auction since I didn't have a place to store it to part it out here in Colorado or a place to fix it. The new owner is fixing it back up.