Saturday, March 27, 2010

Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge

I came the Bear River Bird Refuge due to work. The company I'm currently employeed with built the new vistor/education center out there a couple of years ago and after seeing some photo's I'd fiqured I'd make a vist.

The education center is just right off the interstate but the refuge is another 12 miles in on a mostly a dirt road (soon to be paved unfortunately )with a short strech of pavement in between. The auto tour route around the refuge is all dirt and wet enough that you can drive around with the windows without being dusted out . Only a few people were out there fishing and driving around which made it nice not having to deal with a load of traffic.

I'll say this much try to capture a bird in taking off/in flight/landing is a skill I yet to master that and a camera that doens't have a very good zoom. Regardless, it was still a great time and it felt great to get out of the city.

Any who here are the photo's (tried to capture what birds I could, there's more birds than what my photo's show).

These little birds where kind of cool, with there wings open the red on their backs really stands out.

The best I could with my camera (zooming in past this the birds where too blurry)