Saturday, August 24, 2013

Exploring the Northern Bighorn Mountians Part 3 - Woodchuck Pass

I don’t know if it was the cool damp air, the smell of campfires all around me or a combination of the two but I couldn’t think of a better way to start the 17 mile mountain bike ride though Woodchuck Pass.

 Woodchuck Pass consist of three Forest Service Roads 226, 277 and 278 making one giant loop, FSR 226 is the most difficult of the three roads due to either a steep rocky accent or descent along with 4 creek crossings only about foot or so deep one of which you can’t see the bottom due to all the sediment in it. FSR226 also has 3 gates which must also be opened and closed.

 Forest Service Roads 277 and 278 have some rocky and steep parts but nothing compared to 226.

Looking back to Woodchuck Pass from FSR278 (the connecting trail between FSR 226 and 277)

Hoping that it doesn’t rain on me


Forest Service Roads 226 – no really photos from this section of the trail since it’s mostly a rocky uphill though the pines and well I just wanted to get through it.


Nearing the junction with 278 and the longest and probable the most difficult water crossing.


People have made two alternate crossing to the right of the above photo though the grass and have torn it up some trying to get though. The Forest Service blocked off another crossing to the left in this photo.

 The last stint of the trip is back down-hill along FSR 226 to the junction of Red Grade Road and back to the parking area. After 17 miles I was glad to be back at my car and relax and to head back home. I’m looking forward to possible returning and camping in the area and maybe try the water crossing.

 Final photos of the old splash dam that you pass along Red Grade Road.