Sunday, September 2, 2012

Mt. Princeton Hike and Mt. Antero

Just a couple of photo's from a short hiking trip this past Saturday up Mt. Princeton in Colorado.
The road ahead and my destination
The trail has mutiple starting points and I decided to park by the radio towers to start my hike up the road to the trail head.
Looking towards the east.
On the trail.
Mt. Princeton in the background and I swear there's a trail there somewhere. Which is true up to a point as the trail kind of disappears in one spot as you ascend up.
Mt. Princeton

Sad to see this. I know this is one of the worries of my family as I'm out and about that something like this will happen.
View from around 14,200 ft
Looking back down at the trail I just came up
After getting back down to my vehicle and taking some time to relax and grab lunch I headed off to my destination Mt. Antero

Mt. Antero from the intersection of Mt. Antero Trail and Baldwin Lake.
Unfortunately, for me about this time I had started to feel the effects of altitude sickness. On the way down Mt. Princeton I probable lost my balance a dozen times in areas that you wouldn't and by the time I got here I had a headache and felt like I was going to vomit. So I packed up camp (I was planning to hike Mt. Antero the following day) and made a b-line back home.

I've attempted six 14'ers in the past month and made four of them. The two I missed were either due to weather and or sickness (ths past one). I'm planning a return trip to Antero sometime this month.