Sunday, August 22, 2010

American Fork Canyon 8/21/10

On 8/21/10 I meet up with the Wastch Cruisers at the Tribble Fork Resivor in American Fork Canyon to make the trip up to one of the members cabin up above Silver Lake. The trip would wind us mostly a 2wd drive dirt road with 4wd only being required in a spot or two up to around 10,700 ft up tight switchbacks and with a nice hill climb to the flats up above the cabin (4Low was required to make it up and back down).

Total vehicles on the trip was around 18 with 30 people in attendance. The weather was again great, cool with a nice breeze (gusty up at the 10,700 ft). Wish I could've stayed a little longer in the coolness back down in the valley it was a little toasty.

Any how on to the photo's.

Group #2 coming up the trail (click the photo to make it larger)

Both groups meeting up before making the ascent up top.

Heading back down for lunch

Saturday, August 14, 2010

More from the trail 001 8/14/10

Went back to the Great Western Trail on 001 with a member from ExpeditionUtah to do some additional hiking in the area. We ended hiking about 9 miles round trip which includes about 1 mile of getting lost/exploring. For a portion of the trail we ended up herding sheep as we walked up trail all the while the were dodging off the trail to the left.

About half way though we saw a trail runner but never saw them again then on the way we ran into another small group of runners just starting on the trail.

Overall, it was a great day to be out for a hike, clear and with a nice cool breeze.


Saturday, August 7, 2010

Trail 001 - A portion of the Geat Western Trail 8/7/10

On Saturday (8/7/10) I decided it was time to go a explore another part of the Great Western Trail here is Utah. The trail starts at the south end of Skyline Drive just east of Bountiul and winds it way up to a number of overlooks into Salt Lake, Davis and Morgan County. The trail starts out in the pines then wonders though a short section of aspen trees then back into the pines and finally into some grass lands.

At one point the trail split offs in two one goes up the mountain and the other goes down into a basin but has a no trespassing sign posted. So I opted to head up the mountain but turned back about a 1/2 mile in as the trail started to get a little more overgrown with grasses. It could still be seen but it was kind of difficult.

Figured the total hike was maybe about 4 miles (2 in and 2 out), maximum elevation that my GPS showed was about 9039 ft.

Trail Head about 7:48 am

The road that you must go down to get to the trail head

A little overexposed but still looks kind of cool

Playing around with the camera

The trail in which I would ultimately end up hiking up

Still some snow on the back side of mountain in the distance

The trail I just came down (middle of the photo). After I took the photo I continued on for a little until the trail started to get a little over grown as noted above. I didn't really take any photo's on the return journey.

I didn't see another person on the trail till I was coming back towards the start of the trail and a saw a number of deer (2 fawns, 5 doe's and 1 five point buck) from the time I hit the gravel road till I made it to the Great Western Trail sign.

Over all the trail wasn't too bad of a hike and weather was great besides a nice cool breeze. I'm wanting to go back up there and find out how much further the trail goes.