Saturday, November 3, 2012

Medano Pass to the Great Sand Dune National Park

Since I didn't do the much in the way of traveling in October besides some mountain biking around Colorado Springs I started to feel the need to get out and explore some. Earlier in the year I had visited the Great Sand Dune National Park in Southern Colorado but didn't spend much time there due to the limited time I had. So I decided to head back via Medao Pass.

I meet up with a fellow 4-wheeler in Pueblo and after a short chat about the trip we headed on out.

The view and the beginning of the trail.
One of the many water crossings.
Into the Great Sand Dune National Park
A man and his dog. Just how small you really are out there.
Blanca Peak, on the 1-10 scale this one rates somewhere between a 7 and 8. I wussed out on this trail and rode along with the other individual.
Jaws 1, to the left theres a narrow area where you can go around the large rock slab in the middle. Take the wrong line however and down the side of the mountain you go. On the other side of the rock slab theres a good 2'-3' drop and to take the upper right hand side would put you in a off camber stituation.
Needless, to say we didn't try it since it was getting dark and no other vehicles where around to assist.
After this we parted ways, both us headed back into the park to take the pass back over. I lagged behind and tried a few night shots.
Had a nice surpise Sunday morning when I woke up. Apparently, somewhere along the line I managed to get water sucked up into my front diff causing two seals to go out which lead to this.