Sunday, December 19, 2010

2nd Annual 'Freeze Your Tail Off' Overnighter @ Lucin 12/17-12/18/10

So I origingally intended for the camping in the October to be my last trip of the year since I'm not much of a cold weather camper. Well, I needed to get out of the hussle and bussel of the city and enjoy some open air. So I thought what better way to join up with a bunch of friends for a camping trip in the west desert of Utah. One of my friends from back home in Missouri was able to join me for this trip and the company was welcome.

After a late start on Friday night we made it out to Wendover, Utah/Nevada to start the 20+ miles of snow covered dirt road on out to the camp.

Camp for Friday night was the Sun Tunnels out at Lucin

We all awoke to snow covered tents and vehicles in the morning.

After breakfast we head on out along the old Transcontinnal road to old town-sites of Lucin, Terrance and Kelton before heading back into town that afternoon.

Out at Lucin

Out at the cemetry in Terrance. The footings/scraps of wood left over from the over site area were all covered in snow.

Cementry at Kelton

The remained of the trip just involved more snow and slick roads. Overall, it was a great way to spend a weekend.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Night Shots 2

Fiqured I'd try a few more night shots around town. The images are of the North Salt Lake/Woods Cross/Bountiful area in Utah.