Monday, April 19, 2010

Moab: Hurrah Pass and Chicken Corners

This past weekend I had the chance to head to Moab, Utah to take care of some personal business. Saturday was mostly spent taking care of said business and just tooling around town checking it out. I say this Moab attracts some interesting individuals.

Saturday night was spent in the KOA. If your wanting to have a campfire at the KOA they don't allow, which kind of irritated me. Next, time I'll camp somewhere else.

Sunday morning I was up and at it a 6am to get packed back up to hit the trail before anyone else, that and too take a shower (one plus to the KOA I guess).

Not really knowing the area too well, I headed up a my Kane Creek Blvd. To Hurrah Pass and then onto Chicken Corner, did some research on these before hand. The trip out to Chicken Corners was mostly uneventfully but well worth it to be on the trail without much traffic. Heading back out I ran into traffic's, Rhino's and Jeeps and Dirt Bikes Oh, MY! Oh an a few mountain bikers thrown into the mix.

Well, enough of my rambling onto the photo's.

Sunday morning headin out on Kane Creek Blvd:

What's the deal with this structure?

Heading up to Hurrah Pass

My 4runner looks so small compared to the massive plateau behind it

From the top of pass looking onto to Potash and the Chicken Corner area

Looking back up at the pass

Can you spot the hiking trail at the end of Chicken Corners trail?

The other side of the trail

The dork behind the camera and wheel

What's that across the canyon?

Oh, wait that's another group of vehicles.

A trail for another time and another vehicle

Next time I go to Moab hopefully, I'll have more time to research the area and the trails.

Lockhart Basin and some of those mountain bike trails are calling my name to return