Saturday, June 29, 2013

Exploring the Northern Bighorn Mountains Part 1

Felt the itch this weekend to get out and do some exploring in the Northern Bighorn Mountains and attempt to do some fishing.

Fishing attempt and Sibley Lake and some random pond, in which I caught I caught jack squat and learned my reel is screwed up.

Trails: FS 167, Freeze Out Point, Riley/Dry Fork Ridge, Skull Ridge and an attempt to find the remains of Bald Mountain City.

Sibley Lake

View of Twin Buttes from FS Rd 15.

Out on FS Rd 167.

One of the rare times I've come across Moose's on the trail.

Water Crossing before rejoining FS Rd 168.

The routes that lead to the ridges and ATV trails.

Views from Freeze Out Point. 

Views from Riley/Dry Fork Ridge.

The route up Skull Ridge and the surrounding area.

End of the route - there's an old ATV trail past the sign. 

Heading back down the trail.

Wasted sometime trying to catch a few small fish in this pond.

Tried to find the remains of Bald Mountain City but only came across a few scattered structures like this.