Saturday, August 7, 2010

Cruiser Outfitters Customer BBQ 8/6/10

Cruiser Outfitters had there yearly Customer Appreciation BBQ on Aug. 8, 2010 for all his customers. This event is more a less a bunch of cruiser heads getting together for a good time and some good food. Then you have the random misfits like myself who doesn't even own a Landcruiser thrown into the mix but that's okay their were others like me there.

These are just some of my favorite photo's from the event, about 70 vehicles came.

Another Land Cruiser that is in the process of being restored a right hand drive FJ 45 pickup.

Got to love the stickie note with the kph to mph conversion on it.

A very clean FJ62

The only FJ 55 there also known as the Iron Pig.

The oldest Landcruiser there a 1962 FJ 25 that is currently being restored

My favorite Cruiser there a FJ 45LV/Troop Carrier. If I owned a Land Cruiser this would be it. The next thing about the this cruiser is that it has about 1000 mile range before filling up due a 60 gal fuel capacity and it's a disiel at that.

Bio Diesel Cruiser very cool

Enjoying some BBQ

Gathering together for the crowd favorites awards

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