Saturday, May 28, 2011

Montana: One Long Day - Headin for Home

Not wanting to head back quite yet I decided to explore up the road a little bit from Glendale to see what laid beyond and there is a lot that lays beyond.

Once more quick stop was made in Melrose at one of the local parks by Beaver-Head river to grab a little bit of grub and to relax a bit before starting the now six and half hour drive back to Bountiful, Utah.

On the way back I made two other quick stops one at an old structure that lays just off I-15 and another a bridge that for one reason or another caught my eye.

Came across this old grave that was marked by a BLM/Forest Service Marker


There was a part of me hoping to see an old steam locomotive come across the bend bellowing smoke as it climbed.

Just outside of Malad, Idaho I ran into foul weather that would last for the remainder of the trip. Once home and unpacked it was back to bed being up for almost 22hrs. Looking back at the trip I wished I would've stayed along the way to take it all in but at the same time I wouldn't change a thing.

Thanks for sticking though my ramblings. I believe this is one of my longest write-ups in along time.

I will return to Montana another day.

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