Saturday, January 15, 2011

Pony Express Trail to Indain Springs 1/15/11

On 1/15/2011 the Wasatch Cruisers put on a run to Indain Springs off from the Pony Express Trail here in Utah. This was a great excuse to escape the poor air quality of the Wasatch Front and to relieve some cabin fever. The plan for the day was to head out along the Old Pony Express route and head off to Indain Springs or at least that was the plan. The route along the main road was still covered in frozen snow but posed no problems. The trail to Indain Springs on the other hand was still covered in the snow and ice and the only tracks that were visible where from the last individaul who was out there that were now covered with a layer of snow.

The trail wound though cedars, along the bottom of valleys and along the ridge line of the surrounding mountains. One particular hill gave myself a few others some problems as you had a approximately 90* turn and then up the hill. The first two vehicles up had to take mutiple attempts to make it up. Unfortunately, for me I had some semi-bald tires that didn't want to hook after about 5 attempts and little push from the group I made it up and over. All the vehicles that followed made it up with no problems.

Shortly after this area (about 1/2 mile) we reached a stopping point as the trail got a little narrower and wouldn't allow any jocking of vehicles if something happened. So the decision was made to stop and turn back around but not before having lunch. After we all got our fill of food and each others company we all headed back out. We the group reached the main route we all split up to go our separate ways. Some went home, some tarried to char more and others went off exploring some more.

Overall, this was a great day to get out and enjoying the surrounding area.

View from the Simpson Springs post

Group shot

The old Simpson Spring post

On the trail heading to Indain Springs

At this point the photo's have a blue tint to them as I was trying out some of the preset settings on my camera. Unfortunately, I'm still new to my camera and didn't realize that the 'Snow Mode' on the camera would add a blue tint to everything.

Live and learn I guess.

Old storage house where we stopped for lunch

Beyond were we stopped

Back out on the trail heading for home


  1. Great shots! Looks like you guys had a great time!

    As for the blue tint, can/did you shoot in RAW? If so, you can change the white balance out on the computer to correct the color.

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  3. Yep, it was a great time.

    The camera has a number of different preset modes and I was fiddling around with snow mode. I didn't know/realize it was going to put a blue tint on everything. A couple of guys over on Expedition Portal tried adjusting the white balance but it really didn't help much.