Sunday, January 23, 2011

Outdoor Retailer Show 1/23/11

Photo's from the Utah Winter Outdoor Retail Show.

MSR - Dragon Tent

MSR - Hoop Trail Tent


Nemo tent 1

Nemo tent 2 - the little bag by the front entry is that size of the tent when it's packed up.

Easton Tent - I don't recall the the name of the tent but Easton had tent poles that were half the weight of aluminum tent poles.

JakPak - a tent, jacket and sleeping bag all roled up into one. Don't know how practical it really would be but interesting none the less.

Tough Stake - pretty cool stakes that can be used in the snow or sand only and they come in a number of different sizes.

PocketToolX - pretty nice little multi-tool that even TSA will allow you to take on a plane.

Freeline - basically a skateboard without the board.

Heavy Duty Poop - probable the funniest thing at the show next to the individual in a green full body suit. They were giving out free samples of the this stuff and it's been used at my place of work since Monday and it does do what it is advertised to do.

Primus - camp stoves.

Spot - really the only Spot/GPS booth at the entire show.

Backcan - This is a pretty neat little item. It circulates a pound of water (yes I said 1 pound) though coils in a sleeping pad. The unit is supposed to run for 8-9 hrs on a single tank of fuel.

Keen Bike

Random Lego display of a bottom of a shoe.

Special thanks to Kurt at Cruiser Outfitters for the show pass.

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