Sunday, May 31, 2015

Moab Weekend

I ended up working Memorial Day so I could take the following weekend off to avoid the crowds in Moab, Utah and Arches National Park. I think the last time I visited Arches was nearly 20 years ago, despite driving though the area multiple times. Yikes!
What is a trip to Moab, Utah without at least getting off on a 4x4 trail or two or three, in this case it was 'Top of World' and 'Onion Creek'

Decided to call it quits at this point of the trail as it got a little more difficult and a little bit more than I wanted to handle driving solo. So I hiked the remaining 1/2 mile or so to the top.

View from the end of 'Top of the World' trail.

Quick photo from 'Onion Creek' trail.

Some random dirt road on my way into Moab.

Spent Friday night at the KOA in Moab to getting an early start on hiking Arches the following day.
Arches National Park
Tunnel Arch
Pine Tree Arch
Random Arches photo
Landscape Arch
Partition Arch
Navajo Arch

Double O Arch

Dark Angel
Private Arch

Looking out towards my next destination and a less visited area of the park

After spending some time at the arches in the Devils Garden area. I made my way to Klondike Bluff area to see Tower Arch. I take it that this area sees less visitors since it's down a dirt road off the main road.
Marching Men
Tower Arch

On the only 4x4 route within the park.

Turned around at this point and headed back to Delicate Arch.
Delicate Arch.
It's kind of crazy how many visitors come to this arch and even more so those with no water or improperly dressed for the hike.
Eye of the Whale Arch (at the end or the beginning of the 4x4 route within the park).

Headed back to camp at the end of along day, sunburnt and tired but well worth it.
Despite being a short weekend trip it was well worth it overall, just needed a little bit more time.

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