Saturday, March 21, 2015

Gold Belt Scenic Byway

When I came to Colorado for the first time in 2011 I had planned to drive the Gold Belt Scenic Byway but never took the chance to do so. So this past Saturday I finally made the trip and will soon make a return trip to the area to finish visiting the mining area around Victor once the snow melts.
So as to not rehash information, information on the Gold Belt Scenic Byway can be found here:
First stop was the old mining district in Victor, Colorado.

Theresa Mine.

The Bebee House.
 Lillie Mine - Lille (G.G.) Gold Mining Company (if I got my information correct).

Black and White and Color photo of the Sangre de Cristo from Phantom Canyon Road. 

A couple of photo's from along Phantom Canyon Road.

The only original railroad bridge that still remains is the Steel Bridge which is about the halfway point of the route.

The tunnels along the road.

I only took two photos from the along the Shelf Road back to Cripple Creek as I just wanted to enjoy the drive.  
Sangre de Cristo Mountain Range from the Shelf Road.

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