Saturday, February 22, 2014

Mountain Biking in Hurricane, Utah and Grafton, Utah Exploration

A change in plans is what this trip was. I was originally  planning to run out to the 5-Mile Pass area with a group of folks to run ‘Rattlesnake’ trail but seeing that weather outlook for the weekend so good weather for Saturday I decided to forgo the trip and find a place to go mountain biking. Most of the trails up along the Wasatch Front are still covered in snow or are muddy which left Moab or the St. George area as good candidates to get out and get some mountain biking in.
See that St. George was supposed to be a little warmer than Moab I decided to head on down and check out some of the trails. After doing some research on the local trails I decided to check out the Hurricane Rim trail system/loop; which consists of the Hurricane, Jem and Gould trails making a 21 mile loop.  I been back and forth about camping out or just getting a hotel since I’d be getting down there late Friday night. Well, I decided to get a room at the Travel Lodge in Hurricane.
I’m not sure if it was the mysterious stains on the sheets, the ketchup splatter (I think), on the walls, the baseboards which probable haven’t been vacuum in a while or the dirty bathroom door but I think I would’ve been better off camping at the KOA or a campsite at one of the other local campgrounds. I just didn’t care I just need a place to crash for the night. So after watching a little TV (remote didn’t work) and spraying the bed and furniture with bed bug repellent (I wasn’t going to take any chances). I hit the hay just sleeping mattress cover sheet (remember the stains).
The funny thing is the hotel was sold out for the night and had one of the highest ratings for the cheaper hotels in the area. Really?
After getting somewhat of a nights rest I was up and ready to go to start the 21 mile ride Saturday morning. Upon arriving at the parking area and looking over the map of the area to determine whether to start out on the Hurricane Rim or Gould trails I decided to head on out on the Gould trail. In the end I’m not sure that was the wisest choice.

Photos from Gould Trail.

 Photo's from Jem trail. In the photo below the trail drops down into the washes via a series of switchbacks. Unfortunately, I had to 'Hike a Bike' since my front brake was having issues and I didn't feel like trying to ride down it dragging my rear tire.

Hurricane Rim trail (the one photo I took). The trail can be seen if you blow the photo up but it follows along the rim of the ravine.
Well, after being on the trail for four hours (which includes time for me goofing around and good riders can supposedly do it in 2-2.5 hours) I was back at where I started from. The first (14) or so miles of the trial was great and I was really enjoying myself (I had a big grin the entire and laughing) but at the start of the Hurricane Rim trial my legs began to feel the burn. Halfway through the trail I was thinking that I should've started with this trail as it was rocky and uphill but it was too late and I had to continue on. In the end I probable walked about 2-miles of this trail since my legs just couldn't keep up with uphill sections but it was still fun never the less.
After a quick change of clothes I was headed off to explore the ghost town of Grafton, Utah just outside of Rockville, Utah/ Zion National Park (originally, I had planned on hitting up another trail but I don’t think my legs could’ve took it).
I won’t do much of write-up on Grafton since a quick google search will yield information on this ghost town. So I’ll just post up some photos of the town site and the cemetery.
The old church.

There's photo on internet of this homestead with the wall on the 2nd floor missing as it was going under restoration.

I think the black and white photo is a little on the creepy side.

This homestead was block off by a gate and a 'Private Property' sign so I just stood on back bumper to get the photo.

Another homestead with 'Private Property' on it.

Grafton cemetery. I always like seeing who's buried there and reading the headstones.


Overall, it was a great weekend to get out and do two of things I enjoying doing mountain biking and exploring the surrounding areas/back roads. Two things I'll take away from this trip is (1) I'll never stay at a Travel Lodge again and (2) people look funny taking photo's with a huge iPad. 


  1. AUGHHHHH!!!!!! Dirty hotel rooms are my absolute WORST nightmare. You deserve an award for surviving that. Horrible!!!!!! And yes, it was ketchup on the walls. Anything else is unthinkable. :D haha!
    Those pictures you took are amazing! I love them. What a bummer about your bike, though. Thanks for sharing your adventures--they're so fascinating!

  2. Great blog! I wish I were disciplined enough to keep a great record like this. I love mtn biking in Southern Utah - all-time favorite trail: Gooseberry Mesa. If you haven't seen it's an amazing resource.
    Spencer (4biker on yotatech)