Saturday, October 26, 2013

Pryor Mountain Area - Burnt Timber Ridge Road

Some additional photo's from last weekends mountain bike trip up 'Burnt Timber Ridge Road' - these are just past the point that I turned around last time.


The trail past this point was pretty much snow covered with just a few bare areas in between, so this was a good place to turn around. At this point anyways I could hardly ride my bike due to the amount of elevation I gained from the trial head.

Heading back down.

The trail drops down the ridge in the center of the photo - gives you an idea of the distance covered.

Despite being exhausted from the ride up and a puncture tire (2 holes within an inch of each other) this was a good trip and one of the few times I was able to get out to bike a trail this year.

If you were to drive this road 4-wheel drive is required.

Some of the photo's have blur marks on it since my old point shoot has some scratches on the lense.

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  1. Those are absolutely gorgeous!!! In my next life, hopefully I can be a mountain biker, too. :) It must have smelled so wonderful!