Saturday, April 27, 2013

Wyoming, Outlaw Cave Trail

At the beginning of the month I had made the trip out to the location of the ‘Hole-in-the-Wall’ used by Butch Cassidy and the Wild Bunch Gang. About 5 miles to the north of this area is another location used by this group and others known as the ‘Outlaw Cave’. The cave itself is located down in one of the canyons just above the creek/stream/river (whatever you want to call it) that runs below it and a little skewed from sight unless you’re looking from the canyon ledge kiddie corner of it.

The route out to site is typical dirt road driving that doesn’t require the use of 4-wheel drive when it’s dry but would require it when it wet. Route finding is overally difficult as the BLM has placed markers noting the route (just stay on the trail as it crosses private property). At the end of the route you come to the remote site of the ‘Outlaw Cave’ campground just above the canyon with some great views down into.

The route down starts in the campgrounds and descends to the canyon floor below, route finding can be a little difficult to follow as times as the route is marked with ‘white’ paint on some of the rocks. Not a hike you’d want to do at night. The route to the cave is a little more difficult as it hugs the cliff side and is hidden by brush, though once you spot it’s easy to follow.
Just across from the cave is another cave that requires you to either rock hop or wade across the stream. This cave is a little more hidden that the other cave as it has brush and a tree growing up in front of it (I only noticed it when hiking down). The BLM has a sign in sheet in both of these caves for visitors to the area, I was number 3 on list. The previous visitors came the week before me.

The hike back up the trail head was a soggy and a little cold as I decided to wade though the water instead of trying to rock hop my way back across. When I got back to campground I had noticed another vehicle at the site but no one was to be found (I didn’t see anyone else down in the canyon with me). Once I dried off some I headed on back home but not before stopping to talk to the BLM officer who had just unloaded his atv to go out on the patrol. He was a nice fellow asked if I had been fishing and recommended a couple of caves to check out on my next visit. One of which requires repelling 50 or so feet down.

Another trip is in order since there are some petroglyphs and some other hiking trails in the area buth they were closed off for 3 more days since the BLM closes the routes in winter for animal migration so I couldn’t make it back to them.

Well enough of my rambling on to the photos.

The road on back, the road to right is for fishing access.

The burn scar from a fire a few years back.

The view from the campground (wish I had a wide angle lense).

Heading on down the trail.

The arch at the bottom.

The cave in the background.

Cave #2 located across the creek/stream/river (whatever you want to call it).

Modern rock art.

Back at the campground.

Headin on back.

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