Saturday, June 16, 2012

Hermit Pass, Colorado

I wasn't quite sure if I was going to make this trip or not due to not feeling so well lately but at the last moment I decided to go and get the heck out here. My original plan was to hit up Hermit and Medano Pass but as I started to head out on Hermit Pass my check enginer light decided to rear it's ugly head. I had this same issue on the Metberry Gulch run and thought I had it fixed bt apparently not.

At that point I could either just head back or go ahead and run Hermit and skip out on Medano for another time. Well, you can probable guess what I did since I'm posting a trip report.

Headin on to the trail - somewhere up there is where I was headin.

Nearing the top - my 4runner is on the left hand side

The last switchback was still block by a snowd drift, hence the reason I parked the 4runner and hoofed it.

The otherside of the pass. There used to a road down the other side but it was closed off long ago and now you can only hike it.

The trail below is what I was headin to - needless to say route finding wasn't that easy.

The view from the trail I noted above and what I hiked down to get here.

The other side of that pass.

The lunatic behind the camera.

Decided at this point to go ahead and start on back instead of contining on. Mostly, due to some storm clouds coming in and not wanting to get stuck in it. The photo may not seem that bad but by the time I got back to the top it was a little worse.

The one snow pack that had to be crossed.

The highest elevation on the trail.

Overall, it was a good day to get out there and explore some more of Colorado's back country.

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