Saturday, May 19, 2012

Metberry Gulch, Colorado 5/19/12

Meet up with a group the Colorado FJ Cruiser forum and from to make the trip over to Metberry Gulch. Orginally, the two groups we're going to run the trail separately but due to people dropping out the two groups combined with 13 vehicles in the group.

Heading on down the trail.

FJ's on the trail.

Steeper than what it looks.

Lined up waiting to go down the rock slab. The slab itself isn't bad it's all the loose material on it that makes it slippery.

Group shot at the end of the trail.

Despite the wet weather the trip overall was good and provide a chance to meet some fellow wheelers while I'm here in Colorado. About half the group camped for the night while the other half myself include headed back to town. Unfortunately, for me on the way back my check engine light came on so know I have to track down what the problem is. Oh, joy.

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