Sunday, July 10, 2011

A weekend in the 'City of Rocks' Idaho

Needing to get away for a few days after the events of last I decided I'd head up to the 'City of Rocks' in southern Idaho for the weekend.

Box Top – North Circle Creek Trail – Indian Groove Trail – South Fork Trail

(Looking into the 'Inner City' w/ Grahams Peak in the background)

(On the trail)

(Small arch)

(Natural spring that has been tapped, the water was ice cold)

(On the trail)

(Out along Indian Groove Trail)

(Graham's Peak, unfortunately I lost the trail to the top of peak a short way there after at the base of peak)

('X' marks the spot)

(Rock climber)

Shortly after getting back to grab lunch and too relax a little bit a storm had rolled in which produced rain for about 5 minutes before stopping. However, the dark clouds loomed for a while and thundered for a bit.

Tea Kettle Trail by bike, one of the few trails in the park you can bike

(more climbers around 'Tea Kettle Rock and Bread loaves')

(The storm departs)

Came back from the bike ride and headed back out again to one of the trails in the park.

(The ' Closet')

(Climbers up on 'Bath Tub' rock)

(Attempted a night shot and it came out decent. I need to get a tri-pod if I plan to do any more night shots)

Sunday morning I was up with the sun more or less (630am) to head on out to bike one of the other trail in the park before heading back to Utah.

Geo-Watt and Stripe Rock Loop

(Looking back into the 'Inner City')

(On the trail)

(Stripe Rock)

(View map)

(The view as described above)

Arrived back home from the trip around noon on Sunday only to crash on my couch for most of the afternoon from exhaustion and sunburn. Overall, this was a great trip to great away from everything for a few days.

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