Friday, March 11, 2011

Well, that's not good.

A little adventure one morning while on my way to work.

Well, this morning I ran to store to pick something up before work and rememberd that I had forgot my check book at home and decided to run home and get it. At one spot in the road near an intersection there is a storm drainage ditch/dip in the road. I slowed down to about 10-15 mph, any faster than that and you'll scrap/bottom out. Right after I pass this the drivers side front end dives and I hear this scrapping/grindding sound. I drive a little more to get my self out of the intersection and get out to see what happens.

When I get out and look I just bust out laughing (I just couldn't help myself in this stituation and the person walking out to their car probable thought I had lost my mind) as the driver's side front wheel is not partially under my 4runner. Luckily, the slider prevented it from going any further under. So I made a few calls and after an hour and half the tow truck finally comes and gets me.

While waiting for the truck a few stop and ask if I'm okay and a few I just shot the breeze with for a little bit. Heck, someone even took a photo themselves.

So now my 4runner is at the Toyota dealership (they replaced the lower control arms a few months back) and I'm in a rental Chevy Avero. I'm also talking with my insurance too see if they will cover anything. I doubt it but I'm hopefully.

Thankfully, this took place on a side road and not on the highway or out on the trail somewhere.

Well, that can't be good

Well, theres your problem.

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