Monday, March 23, 2009

On 3/14/2009 I meet up with a few friends to run Red Cloud Mine Road/Clip Wash and Indain Pass Road then finishing up with camping at Picacho State Park. The first stop off was Painted Canyon Trail to walk the 1.3 miles and enjoy the views. This area was the only traffic/people we ran into all day. Then it was back off to explore one of the mines before Red Cloud Mine with a stop for lunch, a little exploring at Red Cloud Mine and then on out to Chibola National Wildlife Refuge. Next up was a 30 miles of pavement which was a nice break from the rocks and sand unfortunately it started to put some of us to sleep.

After 45 minutes we reach Indain Pass Road to Picacho State Park and back to some more wash board roads. Again, the only other vehicle we meet on this trail a Jeep Wrangler from Alaska (snowbird)right before you descend into the was. As we got closer to Park we where passed by two Border Patrol SUV doing baja speed though the wash (I wonder where they were coming from, hum).The plan for the night was to camp at the 4S beach campsite but upon arrival we found the campsite too be filled with a small group and a not to friendly individual (I think the beer in hand had something to do with it). So it was off to the Outpost campsite just north of 4S.To our joy we had the campsite area to outselves and picked out the prime spot of the area right in the area. Good times were had that moonless night around the campfire sharing stories and some embrassing moments.

The moon did finally appear in the middle of night stirring some of us awake. The final trip out today consited of a stop at Bear Falls and a jaunt around the campsite areas in Picacho then right on out and too lunch at a Mexican Resturant in Yuma right by IHOP (the food was good but the service kind of stunk).

Camp for the Night

Day two we head to main Picacho campground to check it out but along the way we stop at Bear Falls and at the old Cemetary.

Bear Falls

The old Cemetary

That's is all the photo's for this trip. I have other photo's over on that documents my travels though this area including the Chibola and Trigo Wilderness area, Picahco Road and some of the mines in the area. This was more to see in this area including the old mill and some old historic sites.

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